In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey commercial diving vessels are entering the state of Texas at the southern border. With elevated water levels, commercial divers are taking to the waters to rescue people who are trapped by the high level flood waters. Attempts are also being made to search and recover people who may be feared dead from the devastating storm.

Large, medium and small vessels are making continuous rounds and picking people up who have remained and waited the storm out. The Category 4 hurricane Harvey has made a powerful impact as it overtook the southern border of Texas. The hurricane caused 2 dams and a levee to overflow in the city of Houston. Neighboring states are sending the aid of commercial diving vessel so that more divers can help search the southern border of Texas and near.

As the waters slowly recede they are still high and there is no timeframe as to how long the search may last. The commercial divers are careful to make sure no areas are left unchecked and everyone is rescued. The divers may have some strenuous days ahead of them, but they are remaining hopeful that whoever they find is still alive.

Since the commercial divers have started searching the waters and abandoned areas people have been rescued but it’s a long ongoing effort. Although the storm has left Southern parts of Texas severely damaged there is hope. The outlook of Texans after Hurricane Harvey is a positive one as they can now move forward with their lives and rebuild their beloved Texas.